To reduce outages, limit downtimes and help improve operating efficiency Cooling Components Inc can provide the following services:

  • Detailed Inspections & Evaluations
  • 24 hour Emergency Tower Repairs – All Makes & Models
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • New Tower Construction – Field Erected Wood, Concrete, Fiberglass, Steel
  • Tower Demolition – All Makes & Models
  • Complete Cooling Tower Reconstruction/Refurbishment
  • Structural Repairs & Replacement – Fiberglass Casings, Treated Douglas Fir Lumber, etc.
  • Mechanical Equipment Replacement – Fans, Shafts, Gear Drives, Motors, Supports, etc.
  • Basin Repairs and Urethane Liners – Wood, Concrete, Steel, Fiberglass
  • Cleaning
  • Vibration Analysis, Fan Balancing, Shaft Alignment
  • Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling Components will accomplish these services based on customer time requirements. We will guarantee a quick turnaround on field work to meet your deadlines. We will respond immediately to your maintenance and parts requirements.

“We can customize our maintenance program to serve your specific requirements.”

Per our inspection of your towers, we will provide you with a report of the deficiencies that should be addressed or necessary maintenance that is required.

Cooling Tower Inspections Comprehensive and thorough inspection of wood, fiberglass, steel and concrete cooling towers.

Inspections Cover
•     Safety – OSHA Compliance
•      Structural Integrity
•      Mechanical Equipment Longevity
•      Thermal Efficiency
•·     External/Internal Components

Structural Repairs
Cooling Components utilizes the highest quality pressure treated Redwood lumber or #1 Douglas fir and treated plywood and stainless steel hardware in performing structural repairs. Use of quality materials along with competent, professional installation ensures the structural stability of your cooling tower while greatly extending its service life.

Mechanical Repairs
Products such as Amarillo gear reducers, Addax drive shafts and Hudson high efficiency fan assemblies are used by Cooling Components in performing mechanical repairs. These are the finest replacement parts available and, at Cooling Components, we believe our customers deserve only the best.

Thermal Components
The contact point between air and water is where the heat transfer occurs which makes the heat transfer media, or “fill” the heart of a cooling tower. Various factors, such as performance requirements and water quality, are taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate replacement fill. The proper drift eliminators can do just that; virtually eliminate drift. This will not only improve your towers performance, but will also help to prevent costly future repairs due to corrosion of mechanical equipment and its supporting structure.