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Cross Fluted

CF1200MA Cross Fluted Film Fill Media

AccuPac® Cross Fluted Fills improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. The CF1200MA splits the water stream 10 times in a 11.8” (300 mm) vertical path. High thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop are simultaneously achieved through engineered flute/microstructure design and the highest manufacturing standards.

CF1900 Cross Fluted Film Fill Media

AccuPac® Cross Fluted Fills improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. The CF1900 splits the water stream 8 times in a 12” (305 mm) vertical path. High thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop are simultaneously achieved through engineered flute/microstructure design and the highest manufacturing standards.

OF21MA Offset Vertical Film Fill Media

AccuPac® Offset Vertical Fill combines the low-fouling characteristics of vertical flow with the enhanced water distribution of our crossfluted designs. The OF21MA’s high KaV/L thermal performance and low pressure drop are similar to the CF1900/CF1900MA design, but with lower potential for fouling.

XF75 Cross Flow Herringbone Film Fill Media

AccuPac® Cross Flow Herringbone Fill uses a “herringbone” surface design engineered to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for high thermal performance. Herringbone fills with integrated Inlet Louvers (XF75 IL) and Drift Eliminators (XF75 ID) complete this efficient, high performance, crossflow media system.

XF75IL Cross Flow Herringbone Film Fill Media with Integrated Inlet Louver

AccuPac® Cross Flow Herringbone Inlet Louver Fills combine an inlet louver with the high thermal performance of the XF75 Herringbone cross flow fill pack.

XF75ID Cross Flow Herringbone Film Fill Media with Integrated Drift Eliminator

AccuPac® Cross Flow Herringbone Drift Eliminator Fills combine a drift eliminator with the high thermal performance of the XF75 herringbone cross flow fill pack.

KELLY BAR Splash Fill Media

Kelly Bar Splash Fill Media, a well-known splash fill profile with a proven performance track record, is now precisionmanufactured by Brentwood. Named after Neil Kelly, the man responsible for significant contributions in the field of

crossflow wet cooling technology and publisher of the “Kelly Handbook of Crossflow Cooling Tower Performance”, this classic design maximizes practicality and can be oriented either parallel or perpendicular to airflow and in any standard fill arrangement, depending on thermal requirements.

V BAR Splash Fill Media

Brentwood V Bar Splash Fill Media, field-proven for over 30 years, is a durable, high-performance PVC replacement for wooden splash fills and OEM Splash Bars.

TurboSplash PAC Splash Fill Media

Brentwood TurboSplash PACs are splash media assemblies with hinged panels that can be installed in horizontal and vertical arrays for high thermal performance in counterflow and crossflow cooling tower applications. Each unit can be accordion-folded into a compact

bundle for efficient, cost-effective storage and shipping and then unfolded in the tower for easy installation.

Splash Fill

Gull Wing Fill Slats

Gull Wing Fill, available in 4-inch or 6-inch widths, is our latest and most efficient fill slat offering. The unique design of the Gull Wing Fill effectively addresses two key concepts clearly lacking in the majority of competitive fill slats: span and water bypass. Span is assured

with full bearing surface contact between the slat and hanger and a center rib stiffener for increased strength. A unique retainer notch placed at regular intervals creates a space for the hanger grid while providing a full eighth-inch overhang per side to virtually eliminate

water bypass.

Thermally, the Gull Wing Fill is a superior offering when compared to other splash fill bars currently on the market. In fact, the author of the MRL Rating Software, a rating program used by the majority of cooling tower companies, states, “Gull Wing Fill installations have never

rated short when using MRL original data and comparing the thermal projections to that of the actual field test results”.

Gull Wing Fill, when used in conjunction with Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers, is offered with a 10-year warranty!

V-Bar Splash Fill Slats

Splash bars manufactured of extruded PVC with either carbon black or titanium dioxide as a UV inhibitor. The fill bar shall be 50 mil (+/- 0.005″) thickness with a uniform hole punch pattern surface to aid in water break-up. Bars should be supported by wire mesh grids a

minimum of 24″ on center along the bar length. Splash fill bar type must have at least five (5) years installation history. The fill material is in accordance with CTI Bulletin STD-136 (88).

Hanger Grids & Brackets

Time tested Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers deliver longer tower life and virtually eliminate fill support failure. Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers are precision welded wire with uniform grid size and superior corrosion resistance. Hangers are available in galvanized, PVC coated or stainless

steel mesh. The standard grids in a variety of gauges, straight or racked, are available and in stock. Custom grids may be made to order.  Shepherd’s unique 3″ steel spiral binders may be used to quick connect length drops. As with our hangers, binders are available

galvanized, PVC coated or stainless steel.

Hanger Brackets, manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant polypropylene, support Shepherd Fill Slat Hangers making installation faster, easier and more efficient.

Fill Slats & Retainer Clips

Cellular Fill

Shepherd produces a complete line of high quality extruded PVC cooling tower fill slats designed for parallel and perpendicular installations. Rigid and strong, Shepard fill slats are engineered for maximum efficiency with minimum power requirements.

The most efficient heat transfer method for counterflow cooling towers is accomplished via cross corrugated film-type media or fill. This is manufactured from high quality, virtually unbreakable polypropylene secure the Shepherd Gull Wing or V-Bar Splash Fill

Shepherd Company currently offers two such media; CES-190 and CES-120 (see specifications below for details). CES sheets conform to the commercial standard ASTM D1784:12454B. Our sheets can be shipped nested for your assembly or shipped assembled from any one

of our four assembly locations.

Assembled CES packs can be cut to fit snugly around framework while still maintaining its rigidity. A perpendicular stacking installation provides break-up points for silt allowing continual flushing of contaminates. The individual stacks allow easy removal for cleaning or

replacement if required. CES Film Fill Packs significantly increases cooling tower efficiency as its expansive surface area accelerates cooling in a thin film of water. This increased efficiency translates to reduced pump head and horsepower requirements.

VE-210 Film Pack Fill

Shepherd VE-210 film fill system delivers superior performance with reduced fouling. The vertical entrance / vertical exit media design promotes free flow of debris and biological growth while the cross-corrugations maximize surface area and create turbulence to ensure

efficient heat transfer.

Packs are assembled from corrugated sheets bonded with an environmentally friendly adhesive at dedicated glue points. This bonding method produces the strongest packs available, assuring both ease of handling through the rigorous installation process and effective

performance during operation.

The VE-210 is a low-fouling, thermally efficient, durable media perfect for heavy industrial applications including power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and pulp/paper production. Additionally, versatile VE-210 is appropriate in light to medium industries such as the

HVAC market. As with all Shepherd Cooling Tower Components, VE-210 is designed for retrofits and new construction alike; VE-210 can boost performance in towers old and new, regardless of manufacturer.